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Global Executive Coaching Provides Support and Active Listening that Enables High Potential Executives, Management Teams and Leaders to Strengthen Skills and Competencies while Shifting Perceptions as they:

  • Take on more global roles
  • Lead new multicultural teams
  • Work with geographically dispersed colleagues
  • Adapt during the transition to an international assignment

We then go deeper with our clients to help them enhance surface awareness and nimbly switch styles and behaviors to fit the context of their global relationships.

Executives are no longer local, regional, national nor international: they are global. Newly emerging economies, political structures, and the pursuit of a cultural identity are some of the challenges globalization has brought to the forefront.

Global executives are facing these challenges on a daily basis, and the ones who do it with finesse, skill and grace under pressure are the ones who will rise when others fall.

It’s no longer enough to just go from goal to goal, which is merely an exercise of moving things along, managing the daily tasks and living in the present. Effective leaders need to see a different reality and live it by example.

Only then will people want to buy in to their vision.

Only then will team members feel inspired enough to follow with enthusiasm.

Only then will the real goals be achieved.

This is what Global Executive Coaching is all about.

Executive coaching can work when clients have high potential, their performance is key to the organization, or they are dominant personalities who need to develop softer skills (or less assertive people who need to improve at making tough decisions). But coaching isn’t appropriate if the potential client is on the way out the door, is in the wrong job, has significant personal problems or is resistant to being coached
– Anna Marie Valerio and Robert J. Lee Pfeiffer
Global Executive Coaching is specifically for clients who are:
  • Involved in M&As, JVs , Global alliances and partnerships
  • Members of virtual and multicultural teams
  • Negotiators across geographical borders
  • International Assignees
  • Managers identified as High Potentials within Global Organizations
If you fit one of the descriptions above, then your needs include:
  • Understanding how national culture impacts corporate culture
  • Building trust across cultural divides
  • Exploring self-awareness and interpersonal skills in an Intercultural World
  • Evaluating your value judgments to avoid moral judgments
  • Expanding your comfort zones
  • Developing competencies to adapt to expectations; both yours and those of the people around you
  • Being decisive in diverse environments: adapting to consensus-oriented, authoritarian or hands-off management styles while developing and motivating multicultural team members
  • Empowering your team so ownership becomes an integral part of project development and team management
  • Understanding what drives employee commitment across cultures

Coaching offered by Effective Global Leadership enables executives to approach problem-solving with innovative skills and mindfulness.

We use our 4R formula – Respect, Relationships, Recognition and Rewards – to give global executives the power to go beyond the standard intercultural training and develop a combination of Cultural, Emotional and Social Intelligence which enables them to fully integrate cultural diversity as an added value in today’s global workplace.

If this is something that gives you a feeling of excitement and anticipation, then it’s time to move.

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