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The International Profiler™: A Developmental Tool

Although globalization and the opening of new international markets are creating rich opportunities, research shows that failure rates for overseas executive postings typically run at 15 to 20 per cent – and can be as high as 70 per cent – with potentially enormous cost consequences. The big psychological question is one of ‘nurture’ or ‘nature’.

  • What differentiates the more successful international managers from the less successful?
  • Can natural (and measurable) attributes make one executive more suitable to overseas dealings than another?
  • Can an already-parachuted-in expert be nurtured to perform better, thereby protecting the investment made in their presence there?
  • Is there a way of identifying the “competency gap” between the international goals of the organization and the skills of individual managers to meet these goals?

The International Profiler™ (TIP) is a web-based questionnaire and feedback process (available in English, French, and German) that has been developed to help managers and professionals reflect on where their development needs might be in working internationally. The emphasis is less on “what makes us different” and more on “how do I presently cope with difference and complexity and how can I improve my performance in these areas?” Consultants using the TIP must be licensed and trained by WorldWork.

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