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ASTD Foundational Competency

Posted by on August 25, 2017 5:57 pm in Blog

How does a global leader turn challenges into opportunities? In our blog, we have been following Tom Rush, a newly promoted global project team leader. When he accepted the position in May, he thought his experience with U.S.-based remote workers would serve as a resource for this geographically dispersed team. He quickly learned that aligning a team across cultural, linguistic, generational, and gender divides was more than just challenging, it was an opportunity to rethink everything he had learned in management training. This was far more complex than he could have imagined. After six months on a steep learning curve, Tom finally admitted that his manager, Carlos, really meant well when he had suggested Tom get a coach. Tom interviewed three global executive coaches from the list that Lee, the Senior HR Director of Global Talent Management, had given him before choosing the coach he felt the most at ease with. This coach clearly defined the roles and responsibilities of the coaching...

How Global Leaders Develop

Posted by on August 25, 2017 5:57 pm in Blog

As Tom Rush takes on his new role of Global Project Leader, he starts to see how differences in time zones, languages, and local market exceptions seem to create barriers to the team’s success. His frustration is difficult to contain as he thinks back to his previous team.  When he was National Sales Director, his team never let him down. They had their challenges but nobody every dropped the ball or gave an excuse as to why they weren’t on board with the team’s decisions. With this new team scattered around the world, virtual meetings are all about explaining why the local teams could no longer implement what they had decided upon at the last meeting. From labor laws to unexpected delays to people calling in late on the calls, and now with summer coming to an end, Tom thinks that everyone in Europe has deserted the offices.  Didn’t they know that projects don’t take vacation? First it was the team in Sweden who was off in June, then the factory in France with backed up orders and a sk...

Being an Effective Global Leader

Posted by on August 25, 2017 5:58 pm in Blog

Organizations have gone from domestic to international to multinational to global. These shifts have brought major changes in the organizational structure, but what has changed in leadership? This six-part series will discuss what leadership means in today’s global organizations. Consider Tom’s story Tom Rush had risen quickly within ISO, a global telecommunications organization based in Ohio. Hired right out of university and recognized as someone with high potential, he moved quickly into a highly visible global team. His career was launched as ISO handpicked him for this new role as project team leader. His time had come and he knew it. At least that was the feel good attitude rushing through his body as he headed into his annual review meeting. When his manager, Carlos, asked him what he thought about executive coaching, he couldn’t imagine what he was talking about—he was not in need of improving performance. Why did his manager think he needed help? He was at the top of his game....