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2011-10-11 U.S. international assignee leading a European team:

You were a real rock for me in a very stressful time. I appreciate all that you have done by listening and being there … a positive experience.

2011-04-03 As coach to DP:

How would you describe Maureen’s coaching style? Warm, insighful, supportive; pragmatic.

What did Maureen do which worked particularly well for you? Her style was very clear and encouraging.

Testimonial for Maureen: Maureen’s coaching has been invaluable. sessions with tremendous impact – thank you, Maureen!

2010-11-08 As mentor to KG:

Testimonial for Maureen: Maureen was a really sharp mentor. She was bold, straight-forward and generous and really created an impact on me. Maureen was really straight-forward and said things that I might have struggled saying. When she did say them, she said them boldly and with conviction and I really heard her. My mentoring session with Maureen was nothing short of work-changing (like life-changing, but in relation to work). Maureen helped me to become aware of how my tendency to let people overstep boundaries in life actually plays out in my coaching sessions with clients too. Thanks to Maureen’s mentoring, I’m now working on having firmer boundaries with my clients and just having an awareness of myself as a person also, when I’m coaching a client. I also have a new agreement forming process.


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viral-change VIRAL CHANGEVIRAL CHANGE™ – pioneered by Dr Leandro Herrero is an innovative and highly effective approach to managing change in organizations. An accelerated and evolutionary process based on a small set of behaviors which are spread by a small number of people through their networks of influence. This creates massive behavioral tipping points, generating new routines and ‘cultures’. Viral Change is about creating an internal epidemic of success in whatever way you have pre-defined success. Effective Global Leadership is an Associated Practice of VIRAL CHANGE™ and as such is accredited to conduct Viral Change™ programs in conjunction with The Chalfont Project.

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